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This project adds floor space to the existing retail space and renovates selected areas of the existing building. The scope of work consists of designing a two story addition of 22,420 GSF per floor (total 44,840 GSF) on the easternmost end of the building, a 3,340 GSF stockroom on the north side; and adds a 28,611 GSF second story over the existing retail space which has been previously designed to support the imposed structural loads. Both second floor spaces will be connected to form a continuous uninterrupted retail floor. The design for the new addition(s) include architectural, interior design, civil, structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical services and fire protection to provide a complete and functional facility.

While NEX Norfolk was under construction, the contract team took the opportunity to close, for six months, and remodel the food court from the ground up. Designs created individual kitchen spaces for each food vendor, so they could operate more efficiently. What customers see are brighter, more modern space with new food choices. While the size of the food court didn’t change, the area was reconfigured to add 15 percent more seating. Now, there are nearly 300 chairs available to patrons. There are also all new lighting fixtures, solid surface tables and chairs and tiled floor. The design incorporates new finishes throughout the facility to brighten and enhance the shopping experience for Navy personnel and their dependents. To further that experience, all new HVAC and electrical systems were installed, with the added benefit of substantial per-square-foot energy savings. The project construction was comprised of 26 phases to minimize operational disruption and provide no net loss of retail space over the original available floor area.

The project includes freight and passenger elevators and an escalator. Additional work includes selective renovation of the existing building as the budget permits. Three hundred new parking spaces, a reworked vehicular approach road, a new delivery drive, a new storm water management system and a complete repaving of the existing exchange and commissary parking lots are all to be a part of this project.

“The opening of our new and improved food court has had an immediate impact on the Naval Station community’s quality of life,” said Lynne Williams, NEX Norfolk General Manager. Estimated construction cost was $25,000,000.



(photos credit to RRMM Architects)


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