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Retail Projects

Bowman, Foster & Associates teamed up with Andre Marquez Architects to provide a design team for this new 22,000 sq. ft. LEED Silver certified dining facility for a federal government agency. The spaces designed include a large lobby/reception area with fireplace, a full commercial kitchen with a capacity to serve 250 meals per hour, breakfast, lunch and dinner, a servery area with grille and self-serve features, a 250 seat dining area, including a separate executive dining area with A/V conferencing capability, a café/bar area and a large patio for outside eating. Project scope included structural interior design and furniture selection.

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Bowman, Foster & Associates teamed up with Andre Marquez Architects to provide a design team for this new LEED Silver certified campus gateway and security command center designed for a government agency. This 8,702 SF, 2 story, building was designed with the welcome center on the upper level at grade access, and the command center below, partially below grade. Vehicular access gates to the campus and all campus security are controlled from this location. Design included a vegetated green roof for portions of the building.

This project adds floor space to the existing retail space and renovates selected areas of the existing building. The scope of work consists of designing a two story addition of 22,420 GSF per floor (total 44,840 GSF) on the easternmost end of the building, a 3,340 GSF stockroom on the north side; and adds a 28,611 GSF second story over the existing retail space which has been previously designed to support the imposed structural loads. Both second floor spaces will be connected to form a continuous uninterrupted retail floor. The design for the new addition(s) include architectural, interior design, civil, structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical services and fire protection to provide a complete and functional facility.

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Bowman, Foster & Associates was the prime Design Team Leader for this group fitness room.  It is a state of the art, multipurpose fitness room that is flexible enough to function for a wide variety of group fitness classes: Spinning, Step, Floor Aerobics, Cardio Sculpt and Tone, Kettlebells, Abs and Core, Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates.  These classes require very different environments, from super high-energy to calm and peaceful, and the room must be able to adapt and get participants in the zone as soon as they walk into the room.  This will be accomplished with quick changes in lighting, sound, equipment, and accessories.

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