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Office & Administrative Projects

Bowman, Foster & Associates, PC has managed, and provided MEP services to, over 330 projects that contain office and administrative facility requirements.  We routinely provide services that include community involvement (feedback, FACDs, charrette, etc), swing space optimization, ADA accessible planning, LEED and green design standards and more.

The project mission was to survey, evaluate and propose solutions to improve the infrastructure elements of the 135,541 sq ft of Building 110. Investigations identified critically deteriorated elements that needed to be repaired, elements that no longer met the operational needs of the hospital, and elements that were outdated and needed to be modernized or brought into compliance with current accessibility, life safety and energy codes.

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Project P-214V (under the direction of HBA Architects) consisted of renovations and additions to two historic structures, Building 705 (constructed in 1830) and Building 706 (constructed in 1881). These buildings were formerly officer family, duplex, housing quarters. The structures were repurposed into office spaces for two NAVSEA organizations relocating to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard under BRAC V, NAVSHIPSO and NAVPESO directives. The project fell under the scrutiny of the State Historic Preservation Office (Virginia Dept. of Historic Resources) and was required to carefully preserve the structures’ original design and construction to the greatest extent possible.  The changes necessary for adaptive reuse included structural repairs and strengthening to the existing buildings, hazardous material abatement, new egress stairs and chair lift to the first floor, new utilities, and on-site parking. This project also required demolition of existing garages on the property. The design, including new and replaced areas, comprised nearly 21,368 SF, excluding unoccupied basements and attics.

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