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Medical Projects

At Bowman, Foster & Associates, we understand the process for treating patients. We design the infrastructure around that process to ensure the safety, comfort, and protection for both patients and hospital staff. Building a medical facility is much more than HVAC systems and handing state of the art electrical equipment and it's needs. It’s about reliability, precision, and knowledge of the treatment and surgical process. Bowman, Foster & Associates, and it's teaming partners, can provide the medical design experience and collaboration required for any healthcare project.

The project mission was to survey, evaluate and propose solutions to improve the infrastructure elements of the 135,541 sq ft of Building 110. Investigations identified critically deteriorated elements that needed to be repaired, elements that no longer met the operational needs of the hospital, and elements that were outdated and needed to be modernized or brought into compliance with current accessibility, life safety and energy codes.

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Under the direction of JB Hartigan, BFA was directed to lead the design team for the renovation of Building 110B 2nd floor at the Department of VA Medical Center in Hampton, VA. This project provided the VAMC with an additional 36,000 square feet of new clinical & administrative space.

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BFA performed field investigations, design development (drawings & specs), construction period services & site visits to upgrade the Emergency Department, located on the 1st floor of building 110B (approx 7,500 SF).  Design additionally included five new patient observation & treatment rooms, life support unit, nurses station/communication center, exam rooms (isolation, security and multi-purpose types), medication room, clean supply room, ADA restrooms, clean & soiled utility rooms, housekeeping aid closet, office space, reception area, vital signs stations and waiting area.

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General Contractor I&B/Donley JV & Design Team Prime Bowman, Foster & Associates completed 6 Design/Build projects at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD with an estimated construction value of $3,300,000. These projects assist with the rehabilitation and recreation for American's with disabilities. The projects were combined as one project for cost saving on permitting, surveying, et cetera then divided to meet with the clients requirements via the RFP. These projects included ADA Walkway improvements, ADA Playground, Ball Field Improvements, ADA Hard Surface Sports Courts, and Renovations Pavilion to ADA Bike Parking and Soccer Field.

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