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Mechanical Projects

Bowman, Foster & Associates, PC, is an engineering firm providing services throughout the United States and abroad. Our Mechanical Engineering Department is staffed to provide full design services and documentation for the renovation, repair and new construction of a wide variety of facilities.

This project provides ground source heat pumps for Bldg 1, which is eligible for classification as a historical site. Therefore, the HVAC design takes into account the historic surroundings and is virtually hidden. Mechanical work involves the replacement of the HVAC system including all fan coil units, piping, ductwork, air handling units, hot water generators, steam to hot water converters, insulation, diffusers, etc. Plumbing work removes all ceiling-hung supply, return and drain piping. New HVAC system requires interior supply, new return and drain piping and exterior piping for ground heat exchanger. Electrical work replaces electrical equipment associated with the new HVAC system: Starters, disconnects, wiring, conduit, etc.


This project is based on previous study recommendations BFA provided Navy Public Works in 1985. The chiller plant at Bldg 16 supplies nearly all chilled water required by the NNMC complex. All plant chillers have been replaced in recent years. BFA is providing the design package to convert the existing chilled water system into a primary/secondary decoupler loop piping system for the Chiller Plant and PWC owned distribution system at the Medical Center.

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