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Mechanical Projects

Bowman, Foster & Associates, PC, is an engineering firm providing services throughout the United States and abroad. Our Mechanical Engineering Department is staffed to provide full design services and documentation for the renovation, repair and new construction of a wide variety of facilities.


The New Executive Office Building (NEOB) had an existing high pressure steam piping configuration creating an extremely dangerous life safety entrapment condition. This Design Build project provided the redesign and installation of new steam station components creating a safe working environment, while bringing it into code compliance. The existing domestic hot water storage tanks were beyond their life expectancy and were replaced with customer requested Spirax Rediheat instantaneous heaters, freeing up valuable space and saving energy. Overall improvements vastly reduced maintenance and the evacuation time from the mechanical room.

The team also provided redesign and installation of chilled water control valves and electronic isolation valves for the floor loops on the 3rd and 10th floors. Additional work extended the piping runouts on the 10th floor from the valves to the fan coil units and connectivity to DDC and TAC systems to the main engineer’s automation control room. This project’s special requirements involved timed phasing, removal and replacement of asbestos insulation and fireproofing.


Most of the fan coil units at the Prettyman Court House in Washington, DC were over 20 years old and well beyond their useful life. BFA was awarded this project through their IDIQ contract with GSA to provide designs and phasing plan for the replacement of 538 existing dual temperature fan coil units. The fan coil units were distributed throughout the facility’s eight floors and were served from multiple electrical panels located in the basement level of the building. The fan coil units were replaced using a one for one methodology to allow full operation and occupancy during construction. The control valves for the units were a mixture of 2 and 3 way valves. The new fan coil units on the first through sixth floors were 2 way control valves due to the addition of the variable frequency drives (a modification awarded to BFA after the submittal of the pre-final). The only 3 way valves were on the 8th floor since it is part of a different hot water system with constant speed pumps. Each new unit was additionally provided with unit mounted electronic controls.


The Heating Operation and Transmission District (HOTD) currently operates the Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant (CHP) at 250 psi and 406 degrees F to provide high-pressure steam to approximately 100 buildings located throughout DC. There are approximately 7 miles of tunnels and 5 miles of direct buried piping in the Steam Distribution Complex (SDC).  Many of the steam distribution system's direct buried steam and condensate lines were 40 to 60 years old and well beyond their expected service lives. As the Prime contractor BFA provided the designs to replace the lines with minimal disruption to the tenants--Phased Construction Plan and PCAS.  (BFA produced 26 individual bid packages for 26 sites allowing the client to Bid the project based on clients wishes). ECC: BFA Est.: $18,598,317 (for 26 sites); Bid: $12,000,000 (for 20 Awarded sites).


This project included the renovation of the Physiology Training Facility, Bldg. #SP124 which is approximately 20,500 SF, in order to provide a modem and efficient training facility space. It houses classrooms, training areas, a Hypobaric Chamber Room, administrative offices, general storage space, toilet/shower/locker rooms for male and female staff and mechanical & electrical/telecommunication spaces. Our design work included optimization of space (including reconstructing the classroom spaces to allow for 50 students), replacement of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems (including chiller & exhaust), replacement of electrical, fire protection and plumbing systems, replacement of all lighting and interior finishes, and renovation of restroom/locker rooms.

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