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This project includes an approx. 6,500 square meter (70,000 square feet) aircraft maintenance hangar with two service bays and a central two-story shop and admin area, with related apron construction, existing apron renovation and site work, estimated cost $19,500,000. Apron construction was significant, involving 55,000 cubic yards of concrete poured.

The hangar is the first in the Navy with a NAVFAC-designed fire protection system that will better deliver and distribute firefighting foam on the hangar floor and under aircraft parked in the hangar.

This new fire protection system is the result of a four-year NAVAIR funded research project headed up by the NAVFAC Chief Fire Protection Engineer’s Office. The Atlantic Division Fire Protection Branch played a significant role during the R&D of this system, which incorporates a new foam-water nozzle mounted in drainage trenches in the hangar floor.

With foam removed from the overhead sprinkler system, the amount of foam required in the hangar is significantly decreased. This is important because discharge into the environment or into wastewater treatment systems is often restricted. Another benefit of the newly developed system is that foam is discharged at a low level, minimizing the risk of foam entering aircraft and fouling sensitive avionics that may be exposed for maintenance.





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