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Repairs to Building 232, MCAS, Cherry Point, NC


Building 232 is a 25,300 SF, two-story, brick open bay barracks facility that was constructed in 1948. The building has been renovated twice and has since been converted to its current use as a family Services Center. The projects scope of work required extensive upgrades and repairs to: HVAC system, fire protection and sprinkler system, electrical distribution system (including all panels, sub panels, fixtures, wire), interior and exterior lighting, all plumbing fixtures and supply/drain/vent piping, replacing all floor coverings, rearrangement office spaces and partition walls replacement, all windows and frames, exterior and interior doors/frame/hardware, and ceiling replacement. Additional work included relocation of the existing parking lot to comply with ATFP standoff distances and making the building ADA accessible.  Estimated construction value was $5,348,149.

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15221 Carrollton Blvd, Suite 205
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