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Second Floor Addition, Building 110B, VAMC Hampton, VA

Under the direction of JB Hartigan, BFA was directed to lead the design team for the renovation of Building 110B 2nd floor at the Department of VA Medical Center in Hampton, VA. This project provided the VAMC with an additional 36,000 square feet of new clinical & administrative space.

26,100 square feet of space is located over the existing first floor interstitial roof, and it houses new primary care spaces, a sleep clinic, specialty clinics for Neurology, Endocrinology, and Pulmonary Test Labs, and Gastro-Intestinal exam rooms, and additional support spaces for those functions.

The new primary care facility provides all necessary spaces for six PACT teams. Each PACT team consist of two exam rooms, one doctor/LPN office, and centralized nurse stations along with pharmacist, mental health and social worker support spaces.

The new primary care facility also includes conference rooms, reception areas, a new waiting room, check-in kiosks, two check-out areas and support spaces. These support spaces include Nurses Stations, Physician Work Areas, Med Rooms, Clean Storage, Clean and Soiled Utilities, Janitor Closets (HAC), Staff Break Room/Locker Room and Restrooms, Patient Check-in and Check-out, Public Restrooms, and Triage. 3,340 square feet of existing roof will be converted into a terrace area.  The project estimated construction budget was $8,500,000; however, BFA provided all design requirements and provided mulitpule cost bit alternatives ranging from $6,780,881 to $7,863,851.

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