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Replacement of Buried Steam and Condensate Service Lines, Washington, DC


The Heating Operation and Transmission District (HOTD) currently operates the Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant (CHP) at 250 psi and 406 degrees F to provide high-pressure steam to approximately 100 buildings located throughout DC. There are approximately 7 miles of tunnels and 5 miles of direct buried piping in the Steam Distribution Complex (SDC).  Many of the steam distribution system's direct buried steam and condensate lines were 40 to 60 years old and well beyond their expected service lives. As the Prime contractor BFA provided the designs to replace the lines with minimal disruption to the tenants--Phased Construction Plan and PCAS.  (BFA produced 26 individual bid packages for 26 sites allowing the client to Bid the project based on clients wishes). ECC: BFA Est.: $18,598,317 (for 26 sites); Bid: $12,000,000 (for 20 Awarded sites).

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