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Our continuously upgraded & properly maintained information technology systems provides our clients with detailed and polished services that Hartigan, Bowman, Foster & Associates is respected for.  Having powerful workstations, servers, equipment, and software for our staff and partners provides the benefits of uncomplicated communications, reduced travel / workforce cost, and stronger adherence to standards and regulations our clients require.  These critical systems are maintained and supported by an in-house Security+ Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

Whether an electrical engineer is utilizing a top-grade industry standard application like SKM PowerTools in their designs and studies or a mechanical engineer running demanding load calculations in Trace 700/Carrier HAP on a power-house workstation our IT environment completes these task effortlessly.



Our electrical engineers utilize industry standard applications to help design panelboards, lighting, short circuit requirements, voltage drop and emergency generators. Additional in-house programs analyze protective device coordination, arc flash and predict overhead distribution conductor sag and tension.

  • AutoCAD MEP/Revit 2016
  • AGI32 ElumTools
  • SKM PowerTools Suite (including Dapper/Captor,
    Arc Flash Evaluation, Equipment Evaluation, and
    Unbalanced/Single Phase Studies modules)
    (includes the ability to convert to EasyPower)
  • Acuity Brands Visual 2012 & 2.6
  • Visual Economic Tool 2.0
  • Building simulation programs
  • Specialized selection software for vendors


Mechanical engineers use a number of computer programs for heating and cooling load calculations, equipment selection, pipe sizing, duct sizing and energy analysis—regardless of the equipment type and manufacturer our department can locate the proper application to complete the task.

  • AutoCAD MEP/Revit 2016
  • ASHRAE and ASME Standard Programs
  • CDS Trane Trace 700 and Design Suite 4.1
  • Carrier eDesign Suite (HAP (Hourly Analysis Program))
  • DoE eQUEST and BLCC
  • Hands Down Psychrometric v7
  • McQuayTools
  • Building simulation programs
  • Specialized selection software for vendors


HBFA keeps an active subscription with AutoDesk for a series of products.  This insures we always have the latest available release of AutoCAD along with previous versions going back to R14.  We keep 10 active seats of AutoCAD including Architectural and the MEP suite so that we can perform 2D and pseudo 3D drawings.  We also have 4 seats of AutoDesk's Building Information Modelling (BIM) application Revit, which brings the possibility of full 3D building models as well as all the ​aspects of the construction of a building--from the design, estimating, supply chain, delivery of goods during the build, build process, resource allocation,  productivity requirements to meet targets and on in to the post-handover phase through Facilities and Asset Management.


Construction cost estimates and job specifications are prepared with the support of special purpose programs like the National Institute of Building Sciences’ Construction Criteria Base programs, MEANS, SUCCESS and MCACES.


  • Office Professional 2013 on all machines
  • Full featured Ajera Axium accounting package
  • Custom project management, knowledge base, and intranet site
  • Exchange 2013 Email server available remotely


  • Two Canon iR-ADV C5255 multifunctional printers with Same Day Parts/Service
  • Oce PlotWave 360 wide-format plotter and color scanner with Same Day Parts/Service
  • Access to multiple reproduction print shops in the Mid-Atlantic area


  • Interactive 92" Conference Room Smartboard with 60" Side LCD Screen
  • Video and Voice Conferencing available in Conference Room & Multiple Offices
  • Simple to use web based file transfer for staff and clients (up to 1GB files)
  • Web based e-mail and remote desktop available worldwide
  • Project Managers provided with smartphones for instant email/remote access
  • Digital Cameras, Tablets, Laptop Computers for remote work
  • Full time internet access via Dedicated Fiber Optic Line (10 Mbps)


  • Custom built high-end 8-Core CPU AutoDesk specialized Workstations (want to read more?)
  • Custom built AMD FX 6-Core CPU Desktop computers for Power Users
  • HP EliteDesk Desktop computers with Next Business Day Parts/Service
  • All machines in the office have Solid State Hard Drives (SSD) and  run on a 1Gb Network


  • Dell PowerEdge R905 Servers with Same Business Day Parts/Service
  • Dell PowerEdge 2950 Servers with Next Business Day Parts/Service
  • Full 1Gb Network Switches for users; Fiber between File Server & Appliances
  • Fully Virtualized Windows 2012 Environment
  • Secure Backups: Nightly Local and Off-site & every 3 hour snapshots
  • Private Encrypted Cloud backups to our Arlington location
  • Full FEMA Disaster Recovery Plan with ~30 pages of IT Documentation

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