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Repair/Replace Switchgear and Transformer Substation “C”, Bldg 1, NS, Roosevelt Roads, PR


This project replaces the existing 1,500 KVA transformer with a new 5,000 KVA transformer. Also designs are provided for: the replacement of the existing 13.2 KV secondary system switchgear with a new protected aisle walk-in switchgear; revamping of the protective relaying system to meet the augmented system KVA capacity and increase available short circuit currents. The existing substation yard is extended to accommodate the new transformer, switch and switchgear.

The yard area is given a security fence, grounding system and yard gravel to match existing yard appearance. The cost estimate is provided using “SUCCESS” system in Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Specifications are provided in “SPECSINTACT” System format utilizing the NAVFACENGCOM Guide Specification Data Base.

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15221 Carrollton Blvd, Suite 205
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