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Replace Substation 1 Switchgear, Bldg 505, Dam Neck Annex, Virginia Beach, VA


The project site is located at Naval Air Station Oceana, Dam Neck Annex, Building 505 and surrounding interior and exterior facilities. Generally the work involves replacing the existing 2000 amp switchgear with new and relocating the existing circuits from the old switchgear circuit breakers to their new circuit breakers.  Estimated construction cost was $1,700,000 USD.

Provided new 2000 amp 15 KV class main distribution switchgear. Switchgear serviced 10 active branch circuit breakers and space for 2 additional circuit breakers. Switchgear had a main 2000 amp circuit breaker.

Relocated 9 circuits from the existing switchgear in Building 505 to the new switchgear.

Demolished the primary conduit and wire from the load side of the existing 5 KV circuit breaker to the primary of the AMR transformer. Provided new single phase transformer to feed the secondary loads for Building 505.

Provided 15 KV 2500A outdoor insulated bus that was fully insulated with a cavity free system with no partial discharge and capacitive grading for optimal distribution of the electrical field.

The new Substation No. 1 medium voltage circuit breakers (4160V) phased with the existing Dam Neck Substation No. 2 circuits.

Providde a short circuit study and coordination analysis of all 4160/2400 volt transformers (pole and pad mounted) connected to the load side of sub 1.

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