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Military Police Station, Fort Belvoir, VA

This project involved the design of a 9,856 SF modified, Department of the Army standard-design, Military Police Station. The facility was designed to house 45 individuals and will be used to provide a full range of public safety and security services. Office spaces were provided for the Provost Marshal, Operations Division, Traffic Branch, Desk Records Branch, MP Investigations Branch, Administration Division and Logistics Division.

Special use spaces included: conference rooms, storage rooms and a high capacity storage file system, Interview rooms, Breathalyzer room, Detention cells, Shift room, Community Relations room, Evidence rooms, computer room, the Crisis Management room, private and public toilets, shower facilities, communications closet and a Mechanical/Electrical room. Supporting facilities included utilities, information systems, separate public and secure parking areas, various signage and site improvements and a standby generator. Accessibility for the physically handicapped was also provided throughout the station. BFA was the prime design consultant working with an 8(A) contractor, providing designs for all PME required for the project. The HVAC central system consist of a single rooftop multi-zone unit with direct expansion cooling and natural gas. An additional ductless split system heat pump was provided to serve the Situation room to enable the multi-zone unit to be set back when unoccupied. The plumbing design supports two staff toilet rooms, break room, janitor's closet, two public toilet rooms and two detention cells. Domestic water is provided through a combination fire protection/domestic water service arrangement. The hot water system consist of a natural gas fired storage tank type heater with a hot water re-circulating pump. All plumbing fixtures are of the water conserving type and configuration. A wet-type sprinkler system is provided for fire protection. Primary service is 34.5 KV provided from a 150 KVA pad mounted transformer and a 150 KVA generator provided by the government. Parking lot lighting is provided by shoebox style high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures. Interior lighting consists of recessed parabolic fluorescent lighting fixtures with 32 W T-8 lamps and electronic ballasts. LED exit lights are installed along egress paths as per NFPA 101. Power for the building is 400A, 208Y/120V, 3phase, 4-wire service. Designs for the telephone system, CCTV and fire alarm system were also provided.

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